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Diversity & Inclusion

We guarantee results-orientated, effective and aggressive strategies that meet and exceed client expectations. 

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Strategic Planning


Experience collaboration you can trust.

Every instrument plays a part in success for our clients.

Watch Our Principal featured in videos from GNO, Inc. and Four Seasons New Orleans Pre-Bid Team:
​​​We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable legal solutions.

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We represent a new level of efficiency, quality and collaboration with our clients, while remaining committed to diversity and inclusion.
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Competition makes us faster.

Collaboration makes us better.

The greatest asset in any law firm is the expertise of its professionals. Most firms have focused on expertise specialization, creating narrowly defined practice areas and rewarding professionals for developing reputations in ever more precise niches. Increasingly, however, the growing complexity and integrative nature of client issues demand that lawyers collaborate with others throughout the firm (and often around the world) who have the complementary specialist expertise necessary to develop and serve clients. By developing and leveraging a well-honed collaborative capability, The JBR Team works efficiently and effectively across knowledge gaps, enabling them to perform the complex, multidisciplinary work that their clients increasingly demand.